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Popular culture and social standards tune us into wanting a relationship. As people enter their twenties and thirties, there is a higher degree of expectation that you will have found your Fuckbook life partner. Some friends and nosey spectators can start making whispered judgments about what is wrong with you if you haven’t found that special someone.

The truth is that many relationships aren’t all that healthy. Single life can be a better reality than the façade of Fuckbook happy partners hiding an unhappy couple. The expectation to partner up can feel strong and diminishes the realisation that you have a chance for peace and contentment on your own. Being single is a greater life path than being in an unworkable relationship, but many hold on to the relationship to avoid being alone.

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Being single is definitely hard work at times as well. It takes a special level of self-confidence to dine alone or go to a party without a chaperone. In your twenties, it is a bit easier to rope some Fuckbook friends into joining you and going to events or outings as a group. As you get older and your Fuckbook friends settle in to marriages or their working career, it is not always possible to find a social partner when you want to go out. It can help to imagine that you are on a working trip in a different city. If that was the case, dining alone or checking out a local art gallery opening alone doesn’t have as much baggage attached to it. Keeping this perspective can help you stay open to meeting new people. But more importantly, it is a sign that you are embracing your own life and your own interests.

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There is nothing more sexy and attractive than confidence in your own Fuckbook life. Possible dates will see you enjoy yourself and take up opportunities to learn more. And if you do start dating, your Fuckbook experience in doing things you like will be a gift to the early days of the relationship. You will have plenty of ideas for where to go on dates and what to do. The upside is that if the date doesn’t work out, you haven’t lost anything as you enjoy your time on your own as well.

Everyone gets lonely and this can bring an overwhelming sense of isolation at times. As a single person, you need to remember that loneliness is felt in relationships as well. Being able to handle times alone and appreciate ‘sitting with yourself’ is a part of the human journey. Don’t waste time chasing inappropriate dates just to avoid learning how to spend quality time with you Fuckbook dates.

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