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First date survival skills

It's easy to forget that first Fuckbook dates are meant to be fun. The pressure involved in making a good impression can be overwhelming. First dates can also push your buttons and remind you of the heartache you have faced in previous relationship attempts. Keeping a first Fuckbook date light and enjoyable is a true art.

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Being open to another person is a vulnerable experience. It is difficult to judge the right amount to reveal about yourself so that your date can really get to 'meet' you. There is a fine balance between being willing to show your idiosyncrasies and offering up too much personal baggage. Sometimes, strong chemistry or an instant liking can fill you with confidence and lead you to over-sharing. This can then deflate the possibilities of a future together if it is rushed too quick.

Keeping centered and remaining relaxed is the key to a fun first Fuckbook date. If you do meditation or exercise, try and fit in a session on the day of the date. This will help ground you, and also makes you shine with a healthier glow. Make sure you have a lot of time to get ready so you are not flustered or feeling a sense of panic from arriving late. This can set your tone for the whole evening. No one likes a jumpy date Fuckbook partner who appears on edge. If you have been rushing around all afternoon and worried about getting to the meeting point on time, you can accidentally bring this energy into the dating experience. The atmosphere can feel hurried and the conversation pointed. This avoids you from showing who you really are.

First Fuckbook dates should be fun. Try to take an air of mindfulness to your date. Stay in the moment and be willing to respond to stimuli around you. Draw in a sense of your understanding and share with your companion your thoughts on this very moment. This will help your dating partner to relax as well and takes the spotlight off the two of you. You can both relax a little by enjoying the date setting. A light-hearted air and sense of the present is intrinsically happy as it is absent of all the past baggage fears and future doubts and worries.

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Staying relaxed and comfortable is a great gift to offer yourself and your Fuckbook partner on a first date. It is natural to feel a little tense, and when people meet the first time there is some 'mirroring' of each other's behavior. How you act can help your Fuckbook date to mirror a relaxed and comfortable air. This makes finding humor easier as well and before you know it, you will both be joking and getting along well, opening you both up to the possibility of a romantic connection.

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